Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Australia Region

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) connects parliaments in
Australia and links them to a broader international network. Information on our work
and activities is available from this website. Information on CPA at the international level
can be obtained from the CPA HQ website


About the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Australia is one of the founding members of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA). There are 9 Australia Region branches: Australian Capital Territory; Commonwealth of Australia; New South Wales; Northern Territory; Queensland; South Australia; Tasmania; Victoria; and Western Australia.

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) is a voluntary association of Commonwealth parliamentarians. The aims of the CPA are to promote knowledge and understanding about parliamentary democracy, especially good governance, transparency and accountability and respect for the rule of law, and individual rights and freedoms, irrespective of gender, race, religion or culture.

The CPA is composed of branches formed in parliaments and legislatures in Commonwealth countries which subscribe to parliamentary democracy.

There are over 180 branches at national, state, provincial and territory levels of all 54 Commonwealth countries, representing approximately 17,000 members. Branches are grouped geographically into nine regions: Africa, Asia, Australia, British Islands and Mediterranean, Canada, Caribbean, Americas and Atlantic, Pacific, and South East Asia.

CPA International in Numbers

9 Regions

187 Branches

54 Countries

17000 Members